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Old Fashion Customer Service Online

Remember back in the old days when business was a local enterprise? When what your customers thought of you mattered and more importantly what they spoke about to their friends made or broke your business? Then business suddenly became big, impersonal and customers became numbers. Customer service was outsourced and barriers were put in place […]

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Why should you provide online customer service?

Well lets look at some quick facts.. Studies show that even in a bad economy, 60% of all consumers often pay more for a better experience. 81% of companies that provide great customer service outperform their competition. Happy customers who get their issue resolved on average tell around 4 to 6 people about their experience […]

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How To Build a Great Company Website, Fast – Yourself and With Little Experience

The web has grown leaps and bounds each year since it’s inception. Now if your company is not on the web then you are quickly being left behind. Even mom and pop, traditionally offline business are forced to move their business on the web as more and more of their patrons demand a virtual presence.

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How to Automate Your Help Desk Support

Automating your online customer service is the best way you can cut down on cost while still providing your online patrons great customer service. See for any given business, over time, around 80% of all incoming questions from customers will be the same, or similar. This is the reason why companies have long adopted the […]

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ResponseQue Customer Service Software Review

ResponseQue is live customer support software for your website that you can train to answer questions on your behalf. It is simple to implement on every page of your website and is easy as pie to use.

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Automated Help Desk Customer Service Software for Your Website!

Make Customer Interaction More Appealing By Simply Leveraging The Power of Intelligent Technology and Automation! ResponseQue is online customer service software for your website. What makes ResponseQue unique, is it’s ability to be trained to automatically answer your frequently asked questions on your behalf. ResponseQue is not just a help desk, knowledgebase, or live chat […]

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Customer Service: A Weapon To Delight Customers And Control Costs

Cost-Center or Route to Profit? Customer service is mostly viewed as cost head by most businesses. While paying lip service to customer service, secretly marketers dread the additional investments that need to be made and the processes that need to be changed.

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Catch Them When They Complain!

The silent and unhappy Customer James Heavey, the CEO of Respond, reveals some research that is definitely food for thought. Only 4% of the customers who reported a poor experience with a company ever complained! 96% of customers simply did not bother to tell the company.

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A Cost-Analysis Of Competing Channels

Is cost-effective service a mirage? Companies across different industries struggle to meet twin objectives that often seem at odds with each other. Customers want better service, while management dictates cost control. Are the two impossible to reconcile?

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The Problem With Technology

The Tent pole of Business James Gaskin of NetworkWorld says, “Although parts of technology are broken here and there, technology has become the tent pole holding up every business today. Unfortunately, sometimes we spend so much time struggling to keep the tent pole working properly, we forget to enjoy the tent”.

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Eliciting Customer Feedback

Why Feedback is essential Research has revealed that many companies rate their customer service higher than what customers actually rate them! Such overconfidence can be disastrous. To avoid this situation, gaining customer feedback is essential.

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Managing ‘Off’ Times

When you are just not available No matter how efficient your customer support team and system, there will always be a time when nobody is available to answer a query. What customers hate about this situation is that rarely will anyone get back to them quickly, if a resource is not available immediately.

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