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Catch Them When They Complain!

The silent and unhappy Customer

James Heavey, the CEO of Respond, reveals some research that is definitely food for thought. Only 4% of the customers who reported a poor experience with a company ever complained! 96% of customers simply did not bother to tell the company.

The Impact of the Silent Customer

Although silent customers may not make much noise, they vote with their wallets. This research also showed that of the 96% who did not complain, 55% nevertheless ended their relationship with the company.
That is a significant number of customers to lose!

How to catch the angry customer

One reason many customers don’t bother to complain is because customer support procedures are so tedious. They know that they will be kept on hold or asked to wait for days before they receive an e-mail or have to talk to multiple CSRs.

Simplifying the system using smart query technology means that customers never have to interact with more than one person or wait too long for a response. This can drastically increase the number of people who complain. And customers who complain can at least be pacified, unlike an angry customer who simply walks away!
More details at: http://cdcsoftware-marketing.com/downloads/collateral/cdcrespond/20070129_Effective_complaint_management.pdf

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