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Customer Service: A Weapon To Delight Customers And Control Costs

Cost-Center or Route to Profit?

Customer service is mostly viewed as cost head by most businesses. While paying lip service to customer service, secretly marketers dread the additional investments that need to be made and the processes that need to be changed.

Sustainable Growth vs. Short term Profitability

While cost control can provide short term profitability, it is not enough to assure a business of sustainable growth in the long term. Here is where customer service comes in as a weapon that a business can wield. Great customer support services create a bond that makes it more difficult for customers to switch providers. Loyal customers have a far superior lifetime value, besides the lower cost of retaining rather than acquiring new customers.

Smart Query Technology, a means to retaining customers

In contrast to conventional systems, SQT offers three key benefits:

  1. The need to answer questions only once (since each time a new question is asked, the answer is added to the Q&A database)
  2. The ability to combat low attention spans and long waiting times (as each question is directed either to the Q&A database or to the appropriate CSR, it is answered efficiently and immediately) and
  3. The ability to manage expansion with ease (no need to keep adding CSRs as customer query volume grows)

The best customer solutions are simple for the team to learn, deal with customer issues quickly, are easy for the customer to understand and highly effective in managing costs. Use them and watch your bottomline grow!

The One-To-Many Customer Service Model: Leverage Your Time and Experience

If you run an online ecommerce store watch this video and find out how to boost sales while lowering your cost by simply running your business more efficiently.

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