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Easy Integration
Simply paste a single line of code into the body of your website's source code to instantly add online customer service to your website.
Auto Answers

One of the core features of ResponseQue is its ability to be trained on your product, service and company and then use the knowledge it gains to automatically answer your frequently asked questions quickly and accurately.

  • Global Answers
    You can set your answers to apply to a specific page of your website only, or globally throughout the entire site.
  • Private Answers
    For user specific questions like "what is my password?" ResponseQue provides you with a secure answer type that lets the system know that your answer is to remain private between you and a specific customer.
  • Customize System Messages and Greetings
    You can create custom messages like busy messages, after hours messages and custom greetings, within the system, to maintain great customer service even when you're not around.
  • Expiring Answers
    For answers that will only be valid for a certain period of time, you can set an expiration date for them. This answer type is the solution for questions like "when is your next live event?" since the answer to this question will only be valid until the event takes place you can set the answer to expire on the date of the event.
  • Querybacks - (Live Chat Interactions)
    With ResponseQue's Query Back function you can engage your customer in a live chat conversation while still training the system how to communicate in the future.

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Custom Branding
Customize how ResponseQue looks on your website.
Email Notifications
To keep you informed when you're not logged into the ResponseQue console the system can send you an email notifications when a new question comes into the queue.
Auto Suggestions
If ResponseQue doesn't know the answer to a question it will send it on to you with a list of suggested answers based off its current knowledge of your product or service. Simply select one of the suggestions to confirm that is the correct answer or enter in your own answer.
Quick Links
To save time, ResponseQue allows you the ability to create custom site maps within the system to use as quick references when answering questions. If your response requires a link you can simply select it from your sitemap to add it to your answer.
Technical Support
We value you as a customer and we pride ourselves with offering our customers with great support. We will do anything we can to ensure you get the most out of this great product. We offer unlimited technical support for all hosted accounts for life.

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Import/ Export
With ResponseQue you can import and export data to and from the system. With this feature, for example, you can load a list of predefined questions and answers into the system to speed up the learning curve of the software, or you can download your question and answer data collected by the system to use elsewhere. Either way you're in control of your data.
Multi User Access Roles
With ResponseQue's users access roles you can setup new user/agents with permission to see only what you want them to see. ResponseQue has 3 unique access roles... Administrators, Managers and Reps each of them granting access to only specific areas of your admin console.
Reports/ Analytics

PLUS | PRO ResponseQue comes with six powerful reports that allows to stay in control of your online customer service...

  • Who's Answering (See which Agents are answering questions and helping customers and who is not)
  • Top Agents (Know which of your Agents are getting top rated responses from your customers)
  • Top FAQ's (Get a dynamic list of your most Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Question Location? (Find out where in the world your customers are asking questions from)
  • Poor Responses (Quickly identify answers with poor customer ratings)
  • System Performance (See exactly how much time ResponseQue is saving you each month)

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RSS Feeds
PLUS | PRO With dynamic RSS feeds you can do all kinds of cool things like... feed external troubleshooting guides, programs and even update social sites like Twitter and Facebook pages with your Q&A's. You control exactly what questions and answers post to your public feeds. What you do with the XML feeds are up to you, but the possibilities are endless.
Dynamic FAQ's
PRO With Dynamic FAQ's by simply pasting a line of code into your website, you can instantly generate a Frequently Asked Question's page for your customers to review. FAQ pages are not only great for your customers, but also for search engines crawling your website. And with ResponseQue creating FAQ pages has never been easier.
Automatic Message Routing
PRO Easily configure routing rules within the system that automatically assign new questions to specific users on your team based on categories or pages of your website. This function alone saves you loads of time because once configured it is hands off for you.

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Create Custom Input Forms
PRO ResponseQue has powerful built-in form generators, so that you can easily create literally any type of input form you can think of. Use the form generator to create things like... return merchandise forms, or customer satisfaction survey forms, or even create your own contest. These forms can be easily posted on your website and the data collected from them will be sent to you through the system.
PRO With ResponseQue's RESTful API you have the flexibility to build add-on applications for your business. With our API you have the ability to harness the power of ResponseQue to do literally whatever you dream up. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

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Automated Help Desk Software Prices
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User/ Agent Limit 1 Agent 5 Agents 30 Agents
Max. Data Storage 500MB 2GB 100GB




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