Did you know that by simply giving your website visitors an easy way to contact you online you can drastically increase your sales?

Studies show that adding customer service to your website not only boosts sales, it also raises the value of the product or service that you offer.

In other words... people are willing to pay more to you than to your competitors if you simply provide them with a better customer service experience while they shop on your website.

"But I don't have the staff to manage support questions"

So if increasing sales is as easy as adding customer service to your website than why doesn't every business do it?

What holds them back is the fact that small businesses don't have the staff to adequately field incoming questions from their website.

When websites visitors have questions they want answers fast and if you're not there to answer them you've most likely just lost a sale.

See the problem is that most customer service apps out there are designed simply as a communication tool to connect you with your prospects and customers. A communication tool that requires you to answer every question that comes in.

But you shouldn't have to answer every message that comes in!

ResponseQue Automated Live Chat Support For Your Website

Think about it.

When you look at the messages from your website how many of them fall into these buckets...

For most businesses the first three of these account for around 81% of all incoming messages. Or in other words... businesses are spending the majority of their time answering sifting through spam,answering the same old questions and going back and forth with the customer trying to clarify their originalmessage.

There is a better way...

ResponseQue is the first live chat application that is designed to proactively learn how to properly answer your frequently asked questions on your behalf.

In fact, as much as 81% of your incoming questions over time can be accurately answered by the system automatically.

Both you and your customers benefit from efficient customer support...

You free up time, keep cost down and still offer great online customer service and your customers get quick accurate answers, where and when they need them.

A quick answers can mean the difference between a potential customer leaving your website in frustration, or following through with a purchase.

ResponseQue Automated Help Desk

How ResponseQue Works...

ResponseQue Live Chat Support For Your Website

As you and your team answer questions through ResponseQue, the system learns and indexes responses.

Live Chat Support For Your Website

When new questions come in, the system determines which ones it can answer based on what it has learned about your business.

Live Chat Support For Your Website

The system automatically answers the questions that it knows the answer to and passes the ones it doesn't know on to you.

ResponseQue Smart Live Chat

The more you use the application the smarter and more helpful it gets.

ResponseQue ensures an accurate answer each and every time because it only uses what it has learned from you and your team to answer a questions. ResponseQue ensures your customers get quick accurate answers where and when they need them without forcing you to maintain and manage a huge customer service team.

I remember one of our earliest clients coming to us with a problem that they had.

They wanted to provide great customer service with just a small staff of three people. Phone support was out of the question, so they explored other ways to accomplish their admirable goal...

They tried email support, an online ticketing systems and live chat, but each of these options just overwhelmed them with too many questions to handle, and their support subsequently suffered.

The problem seemed to be the time it took for them to sift through spam and junk messages and answer frequently asked questions.

This daily battle to keep their inboxes under control ate up so much time that they were unable to respond to clients in a timely manner. They were literally drowning in customer support questions.

Their customers were angry because they didn't get a quick answers, and the team of three were frustrated because they spent their entire day in their inbox trying to gain some headway.

The problem became so bad that they were considering...

In the end ResponseQue was their way to give their customers a great experience, (quick accurate answers when and where they had them) and all with a small team of three.


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Whether you have a small business, or manage an giant enterprise
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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will ResponseQue work for my business?
If you need to provide your customers and prospects with a way to get fast answers about your product or service without being bogged down by the same questions being asked over and over again then ResponseQue is definitely for you.
2) Will ResponseQue save me time?
Yes, businesses that use ResponseQue report up to an 81% reduction in the amount of messages that they need to answer. ResponseQue reduces the amount of messages you need to answer by eliminating spam, junk messages and automating your frequently asked questions. ResponseQue is not just another communication tool for your business it is designed to save you time.

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3) Does ResponseQue replace humans?
A person is always required to answer questions as they come into the system, at least the first time. However the software does get smarter and more efficient over time, continually freeing up time for the users.
4) How does ResponseQue know the right answer?
ResponseQue will never guess an answer. The system only uses answers you define initially when using the system to communicate with your customers and prospects.
5) How do I train the software?
There are two ways to train the software... 1) you simply answer questions that come into the system from your website, or... 2) you can proactively import FAQ data into the application. Either way you are always in control. ResponseQue will automatically respond to questions only if the answer is first defined by you.
6) Can I route questions to different agents?
Yes, you can manually assign questions to agents, or you can configure routing rules within the application that will automatically assign questions to specific agents, or teams based on things like what page of your website a question is asked from. For example you can assign your shopping cart pages to your sales team, or your account profile pages to Billing.
7) What do you guarantee?
ResponseQue is a hosted month-to-month service, if you are unhappy with the service or software you can cancel the service at anytime for any reason and at no charge to you. The last month's charge can be refunded on a case-by-case basis and only upon request. For prepaid service we can also refund a prorated portion of the last amount charged and only upon request.

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8) Is there a self-hosted version of ResponseQue available?
We do not have a self-hosted version of ResponseQue at this time due to the complexity of the system we prefer to host and maintain the software in-house.
9) Do you have a corporate or enterprise version?
Yes, if you require a special hosted solution, we've got you covered. Simply fill out and submit our Customize ResponseQue Request Form and we'll get back with you on a custom solution that'll work for your business.
10) Is the ResponseQue app PCI complaint?
Yes, ResponseQue is secured with at 128 bit SSL connection and is PCI compliant.
11) How do I upgrade my account and service?
You can upgrade your account within your management console by clicking on the upgrade links.
12) How do I cancel my account and service?
You can cancel ResponseQue anytime for any reason by submitting our cancelation request form.


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