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Old Fashion Customer Service Online

Remember back in the old days when business was a local enterprise? When what your customers thought of you mattered and more importantly what they spoke about to their friends made or broke your business? Then business suddenly became big, impersonal and customers became numbers. Customer service was outsourced and barriers were put in place to shield companies from their customers and the very life blood they thrived on.

Then Something Changed

The Internet became more popular, and with the Internet suddenly people began to feel a little personal in a growing impersonal world. As a result business needed to change. Suddenly if you were a company mistreating your customers their story could be shared on the Internet 1000 times over. Consumer horror stores spread like wild fire seemingly overnight crippling companies.

The Importance of Providing Great Customer Service

These days, with the use of the Internet, businesses are forced to conduct business as they did decades ago. Where if you had an unsatisfied customer you better catch them before they leave, resolve their issue, before they run off and tell the rest of the people in town. These days if you don’t treat your customers right the world will know. On the Internet what people say is not just shared with their friends, but with their friend’s friends and their friend’s friends. Once story can be viewed literally millions of times before a company is even aware they did anything wrong.

Online companies are slowly and painfully coming to the realization that they need to be providing great customer service especially online. The risk is to great not to, but the reward is even better. The flip side of the coin is that it has been proven that if you provide great customer service your customers will stay a customer longer, recommend your business to their friends more and spend more money for a product, even in a bad economy. If you treat your customers right your business will flourish, if you treat them right online, your business will explode to new heights that you never thought possible.

It’s time to get serious about online customer service. Get the facts, get the right technology and stop hiding from your customers online. For more details on online customer service go to www.ResponseQue.com

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