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Automated Help Desk Customer Service Software for Your Website!

Make Customer Interaction More Appealing By Simply Leveraging The Power of Intelligent Technology and Automation!

ResponseQue is online customer service software for your website. What makes ResponseQue unique, is it’s ability to be trained to automatically answer your frequently asked questions on your behalf. ResponseQue is not just a help desk, knowledgebase, or live chat support software. It is a complete customer support solution. ResponseQue can save your business time and money by just leveraging the power of automation.

ResponseQue is very simple to use and easy to set up. The website has multiple step by step tutorial videos that walk you though the set up process and has live support for any questions that you may have about your software use.You can literally add customer support to every page of your website in less then 15 seconds. Even if you have more then one website, it doesn’t matter, ResponseQue will work across multiple domains (at no additional charge).

What sets ResponseQue apart from all other online customer support software, is it’s ability to be trained. You can literally teach the software to answer questions automatically on your behalf, much like how you would train an employee.

When a question comes into the system that is not unique, but is similar to other questions in the system, ResponseQue™ will display the similar Q&A matches to you. As you type in your answer the system will filter the suggestions down in real-time, refining the results based off of your input.

ResponseQue uses active feeds to easily create FAQ pages, or use them to dynamically feed a knowledge base, or blog. This feature is great for search engine optimization (SEO) because you are indexing questions and answers exactly the way they were entered by your customers.

ResponseQue allows you import and export your data as you please. Use this data to understand your market better, identify weaknesses in your network, create company policy and procedures, or simply to gain new product/ promotional ideas.

ResponseQue also offers multiple tutorial videos regarding the setup and use of its software as well as trained customer support team that stand by ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

Visit http://www.ResponseQue.com to see this software in action for yourself.

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