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Podio - CRM done right

ResponseQue is quickly becoming the online customer service solution for small businesses on the web.

Here's what people that use ResponseQue have to say about it...

"...I think it is easy to navigate and simple to use."

"I really like ResponseQue. I think it is easy to navigate and simple to use."

Diany Villanueva - Centex Global Communications

"...wish I thought of it"

"With ResponseQue we have seen an increase in customer satisfaction and it is dead easy to use. Such an awesome yet simplistic tool - wish I thought of it!"

"...the time spent on Customer Service keeps going down"

"We have been using ResponseQue for 2 years now and we LOVE IT. It has cut down the time we spend on customer service by 27% while keeping the customers happy. And the best is the time spent on customer service keeps going down because the system learns and more and more questions are being answered automatically by the system because they had been asked before. It's awesome and we highly recommend it"

Jack Bosch - Orbit Investments, LLC

"...awesome time saver"

"I used to start each day checking my email that usually contained around 150 emails. Some from customers but most junk messages. With ResponseQue I only get messages from actual people when they have a question and I simply love the fact that I only have to answer them once. Also the auto suggestion feature is another awesome time saver. Thanks!"

"...I just love it"

"I am not a very technical person, but even I was able to setup ResponseQue in no time at all by myself. And since I've had it, I just love it. Thanks guys!"

"...The format is very user friendly"

"The format is very user friendly. Other systems that I have used there's a lot of spam that gets through and ResponseQue doesn't seem to have that issue."


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