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Why should you provide online customer service?

Well lets look at some quick facts..

Yet most online businesses don’t provide their customers with adequate customer support and the reason is because traditional online customer service systems are in-efficient and costly.

The key to providing great online customer service is to reduce your message volume so that you can effectively manage your customers. With traditional online customer service software your message volume is comprised of five types of messages…

  1. Customer Questions (these are obviously important to answer to keep your customers happy, and happy customers online facebook, blog and tweet about you)
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (these are important to, they typically account for up to 80% of your total questions asked.)
  3. Spam Messages (these bog you down and waste your time)
  4. Auto-reply Messages (these can be anything from “I’m on vacation messages” to “please verify yourself as human and not a spam bot messages” whatever the case they interrupt fluid communication with your customers and are frustrating for both parties.
  5. Non-Contextual Questions (these are questions where your customer has not given you enough context for their question for you to answer it)

Typically managing message volume levels has been a challenge and therefore a nightmare for business owners.

Well nightmare no more! ResponseQue is the first online customer service system that virtually eliminates over 80% of message volume automatically.

Not only that, but with ResponseQue’s similarity matching the software will
actually help you answer your unique questions faster.

With ResponseQue you can stop hiding from your online customers and start realizing the benefits of providing great customer service!

Responseque saves you time by eliminating your Spam, FAQ’s and Junk Messages and allows
you to focus your full attention on only the unique questions.

Each time you answer a new question you are training the software how to answer future questions.

Responseque is better then your best employee, it continually learns, never quits is fast, reliable, affordable, and best of all extremely efficient.

ResponseQue is your very own 1st level customer service team for a faction of the cost.

The One-To-Many Customer Service Model: Leverage Your Time and Experience

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