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The One-To-Many Customer Service Model: Leverage Your Time and Experience

If you run an online ecommerce store watch this video and find out how to boost sales while lowering your cost by simply running your business more efficiently.

If you sell products or services online, did you know that the way that you communicate and engage with your customers, is often times a key to your success?

But how do you connect and engage with more of your market without being overwhelmed and bombarded by messages from them?

This is the question we asked ourselves and after months of research what we’ve discovered is that most companies just do not communicate with their customers and prospects online in an efficient manner that allows them to grow.

stop-wasting-timeSee the traditional way to communicate with your market is through a one-to-one interaction. A customer or prospects sends a message or question through your website and you or your team sends a message back to them.

This one-on-one personal interaction and attention is great for building trust with your market and closing sales, however it is not a scalable model that allows for you to grow on the internet.

The more you grow, the more messages you’ll receive… the more messages you receive the more staff you’ll need to answer them… the more staff you bring on board the less quality in replies you have… and this frustrating dilemma is where most business owners just give up or end up sacrificing the quality of their support in order to continue to grow.

This is also the point in which a lot of small businesses fail online. Because even if you, as a business owner, can’t figure out how to connect with your market, your market still has a need to connect with you before they buy something from you… in today’s world with your competitors, just one click away, this is a problem you’ll need to address.

If you want to stand out amongst your competitors online you need to win the customer service game.

So how do you do that?

Consider this for a moment…

What if you could start by answering the messages yourself, focus on giving quality answers… but what if also instead of just sending the reply back to just the one customer or prospect asking… what if your communication system also did something else with your answer…

ResponseQue Automated HelpdeskWhat if it learned from it?

What if your communication system used your reply messages to understand how to properly answer future questions that are similar or the same in nature.

A system like this would only rely on you and your team to answer a small amount of new and unique questions and would handle the rest that come in for you. A system like this would allow you to scale while keeping your costs down and allowing you and your team to focus on the quality of interactions vs. struggling with keeping up with the quaintly of messages.

ResponseQue.com is that system that, not only, allows you to connect and engage with your customers, but also uses these interactions to properly and autonomously answer future questions on your behalf.

ResponseQue is a one-to-many communication system that leverages the knowledge and expertise that you and your team already has about your products or service to automatically answer incoming questions correctly on your behalf.

If you want to learn more about this amazing time-saving tool that will help you grow your business online… Go to ResponseQue.com today and check us out.

Enter in the promo code “FREE14DAYS” at checkout to try ResponseQue FREE for a full 14 days. If you want to grow your business online you owe it to yourself to check it out now!

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