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Why Provide Online Customer Service To Your Customers And Prospects?

The fact of the matter is if you’re not providing great online support to your customers and prospects you’re losing business! See every day thousands of prospects visit your website to see what you have to offer. Many of these visitors have questions regarding your products or services. With constant exposure to the world, incoming questions can easily overwhelm you and your team. If questions are left unanswered, or not answered in a timely manner, many potential customers will become frustrated and leave your website without making a purchase.

Many business owners have the fear that if they add customer service to their website they won’t have the bandwidth or staff to handle all of the incoming question that they will receive. This fear is a valid concern if you are relying on outdated technology like email, 1800 numbers, ticket based software etc to communicate with your client base. The problem that all of these outdated systems have in common is that they are simply a communication tool where your customer can send you a message and you can send them a reply – that’s it! But what happens when you get the same old questions asked time and time again? They still need to get answered! What happens if you are bombarded by spam? These archaic systems simply pass all messages on to you to deal with.

Every single questions that you customers or prospects ask needs to be answered quickly and accurately, but do you really need to answer a questions more than once? The answer is for the most part no! With few exceptions, the answer to a questions about your company product or service has the same answer whether John asks it, or Mary, or Bob, or Sue… the answer is the same. So why doesn’t your customer service software understand that?

The good news is now there is a better way. You can connect again with your customers and prospects without the fear of being overloaded by spam or redundant questions. There is a customer service solution that is as simple and easy to use as email, but with brains like a knowledgebase and a client interface that resembles live chat. Quite simply we thing it is best thing since the invention of the calculator. Check out this amazing online customer service software now and grow your business uninhibited.

The One-To-Many Customer Service Model: Leverage Your Time and Experience

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Generating Qualified Leads and Sales Through Your Online Customer Service

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