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ResponseQue vs. Email

Quite a few people ask me what is the difference between email and ResponseQue and does one replace the other. This is a great question and I want to take a moment to set the record straight.

First off, ResponseQue is a customer service solution for your company website. It functions completely different then email does. See while email is a great communication tool that you can use with your friends and associates, it is not a good idea to publish it to a website for a few reasons…

  1. Spam – companies that publish their email address online quickly become the victims of large amounts of spam. Why? Because there are literally thousands of email harvester bots roaming the web just looking for your email address, and when they find it you’re in trouble!
  2. Redundant Questions – one of the biggest fallacies with email support is the fact that there is no good way of dealing with redundant questions. And for businesses this accounts for up to 81% of all messages received from their customers and prospects. Don’t believe me? Just think about the average company’s 1st tier support team. What do they do all day long? … They answer frequently asked questions over and over again. Just imaging the time and money you waste by not having a good caching mechanism in place, not to mention the endless frustration this causes your team.

  3. Lost Messages – email has a not so uncommon tendency to end up in a Spam or Bulk folder of the recipients email client. If this happens, your response more often than not, will never be seen by your customer. Your customer is angry and you won’t have the slightest clue as to why.
  4. Context – what do I mean by context? Well have you ever had a client email you about something on your website and fail to mention what page they were on, or what product they were looking at? That is context and with email it is up to your client to be descriptive enough to help you answer their question. Unfortunately only a small percentage of people out there are actually good communicators. So usually this means a little unnecessary back and forth to figure out the context of the original question, and this eats up valuable time.

While email is a great way to communicate with people you know and work with regularly it is not the best tool to handle communication with your website visitors and customers. And this is where ResponseQue comes in. ResponseQue was design for businesses with small core teams that want to provide their customer and prospects with a communication option that won’t overwhelm the business with unneeded inefficiencies like spam, redundant questions, lost messages and unnecessary back and forth dialogs.

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