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How To Answer Incoming Questions While At The Same Time Training ResponseQue

ResponseQue is more than just a communication software it is an automation tool. But ResponseQue never guesses the answers to questions, instead you and your team train it how to respond to questions while using the system yourself an here is how you do it…

As new questions come into the message queue you can assign them to categories of your business, this not only indexes the question in the system properly, but it also routes the question to the appropriate members of your team.

When you answer a question in ResponseQue you don’t just hit the Send button, you select one of three answer types…

Note: If you continually use the QueryBack option to respond to a message you will essentially be live chatting with your customer while at the same time continuing to train the system on how to handle future similar dialogs on your behalf.

Using these powerful options when answering your incoming messages you can quickly, organically and effectively train the ResponseQue system how to accurately answer future questions on your behalf which can result in an inbox reduction of around 81% freeing up countless hours and reducing frustrations for you and your team while still ensuring your clients and customers get the best possible support when and where they need it.

How To Integrate Dynamic FAQ Pages Into Your Website

Any category that you setup in the system you can configure to feed a dynamic FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. To do this, simply go to Manage> Categories within your admin console and then click on the FAQ button to the right of the category to generate a code snippet and copy it to memory. […]

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How To Export/Import Data Into The ResponseQue System

You can easily export Q&A, Log and data used to generate Reports by simply clicking the Export option at the top of the data table you are viewing. You can select a few records to only export those, or click the top header checkbox to select all records export. All data is exported in a […]

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How To Edit Your Profile And Setup New User/Agents and Your Entire Team With Access To The System

You can edit your own profile under the Profile section of the admin console and here you can do things like reset your password, change your alias (name that displays on the help widget when you answer questions) and select which categories of questions you would like to see in your message queue. To setup […]

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How To Integrate ResponseQue Into Your Website

Seamlessly integrating the ResponseQue system into your website or online shop is as easy as going to Settings> Generate Widget and following the 5 step customization wizard. On step 1 of the wizard select whether your website uses the http:// or https:// protocol. On step 2 choose whether or not you want to require your […]

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