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A Frustration With Service

Every company is in business to serve people at the end of the day. But almost companies have a common frustration with their customers. Customers have questions all the time and the majority of them being the same types of questions (Frequently Asked Questions). The frustrating thing about FAQs is that you need to answer them with the same passion and expertise as you did the first time you got the question. This is hard to do day in and day out.

Alas, there’s a better way! Technology has come a long way from days of the tier one support agent screening your inquiries and answering questions off a script. Now you can answer customer questions in your own words over and over again without actually answering them yourself. How is that possible? It’s not magic, or science fiction, it’s done with the help of a simple technology called Smart Query Technology.

Smart Query Technology is the science of customer service. Quite simply put this is how it works… you answer every question through a system. This system logs your answer as well as a few other characteristics about the question and answer. As you use the system more and more, it automatically compiles and indexes FAQ’s that it then use to automatically answer incoming questions. So using your own words the system learns the proper way to answer frequently asked questions on your behalf. And it is all done seamlessly in the background. Pretty neat huh?

Check out this smart approach to online customer support for yourself at www.ResponseQue.com and join the growing wave of businesses benefiting from this proven efficient technology.

The One-To-Many Customer Service Model: Leverage Your Time and Experience

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Convert Website Visitors Into Leads, Build Trust Through Online Customer Service And Then Convert Them Into Sales… All Automatically!

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Increase Online Sales –Put Your Best Face Forward With Outstanding Online Customer Service

It always surprises me that online customer service is often times the afterthought of many businesses, Something they to throw in at the last minute to cut down on customer complaints, returns and bad PR. But if you want to increase your sales, you need to look at the main ingredients that make up a […]

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Generating Qualified Leads and Sales Through Your Online Customer Service

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