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You Can Automate Your Online Support… There’s An App For That!

Have you ever had to answer the same or similar questions about your products or service… more than once? Of course you have. These are your frequently asked questions and together with junk/ spam messages your company receives this can add up to a good chunk of your time spent “providing customer service”.

Here’s a little secret though… there’s an app for that.

ResponseQue is a lightweight app that you can add to your company website in literally less than a minute. It’s a customer service app that…

How ResponseQue Works!

How ResponseQue Works!

Learn more about this innovative technology that allows small businesses with small teams to compete with larger companies with more resources. This simple app is changing the game for many forward thinking companies taking over the web.

The One-To-Many Customer Service Model: Leverage Your Time and Experience

If you run an online ecommerce store watch this video and find out how to boost sales while lowering your cost by simply running your business more efficiently.

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Convert Website Visitors Into Leads, Build Trust Through Online Customer Service And Then Convert Them Into Sales… All Automatically!

Have you ever asked yourself how does your current sales funnel interact with your prospects? If it’s like most sales funnels out there it is simply a process of pushing information about your company, product or service to your market. The problem with this approach is that online consumers are demanding more these days. They […]

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Increase Online Sales –Put Your Best Face Forward With Outstanding Online Customer Service

It always surprises me that online customer service is often times the afterthought of many businesses, Something they to throw in at the last minute to cut down on customer complaints, returns and bad PR. But if you want to increase your sales, you need to look at the main ingredients that make up a […]

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Generating Qualified Leads and Sales Through Your Online Customer Service

Did you know that great customer service is actually an essential part of any good sales funnel? It can actually convert cold traffic into qualified leads and buyers, faster than even a carefully scripted sales message can. Why? Because before anyone subscribes, buys, or signs up for your product or service they need some basic […]

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